As of August 1, 2017, Japari Park is closed until further notice.

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The wellbeing of our visitors is our utmost priority. Throughout the past 10 years we have worked tirelessly to keep celliens from interfering with park activities, but the recent outbreak is simply too much to handle and it is no longer safe for the park to remain operational.

Effective immediately, Japari Park is closing its doors and will cease accepting visitors to the island. Guests who were staying in a Japari Hotel location have all been evacuated, and incoming flights have been cancelled except for official personnel. Those who had purchased tickets and were unable to use them will be refunded in full.

Select staff members will remain on the island for the time being, preparing the park for an eventual reopen in the best case scenario, as well as developing solutions to keep basic park functions running indefinitely for the sake of the wildlife.

This is not the end. Japari Park will return. Thank you all for your support over the years.
Date: 01/06/2026 @ 02:31
Name: Asgufsds E.
Comment: "Japari Park will return" yeah sure lol

Date: 11/25/2020 @ 22:41
Name: Aidan V.
Comment: Still thinking About JP, always. Any updates?

Date: 08/02/2017 @ 06:38
Name: Mark L.
Comment: Very sad to hear this news. Japari Park holds many memories for me. I hope I can return some day soon.

Date: 07/30/2017 @ 23:02
Name: Jane S.
Comment: What is going on? Are the rumors of a shutdown true? I was planning a trip for August, will it be cancelled? Please communicate with us.

Date: 12/31/2016 @ 00:45
Name: Susan C.
Comment: Had a wonderful time here. Can't wait to come back :)

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