Japari Park is the world's largest zoo, occupuying an island roughly 5,000 square miles. Our animal habitats are expansive and replicated from their real-life biomes, and all of the wildlife is trained and allowed to interact with our guests. There are over 100 attractions throughout the park, including restaurants, waterslides, hot springs, and even our very own band that performs on weekends. Ride through the jungle on our high-speed transit systems, or walk along the scenic route! Japari Park makes a perfect vacation spot for people of all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the park have its own hotels?
It does! There are currently 9 Japari Hotels to stay at, one in each region of the park.

Are there family discounts?
There are not, though there are bulk discounts for groups of 20 or more people (ideally for field trips).

How do I get onto the park?
There will be a more detailed set of instructions sent to you upon ticket purchase, but you will drive to our main offices and be flown onto the island from there. Air fare is included with the cost of your ticket, though parking is extra.

Is the park safe?
It's very safe! None of our animal friends are capable of hurting humans, nor would they want to. In case of emergencies, there are several medical centers throughout the park.

But I heard something about celliens?
Though it's true that there have been celliens spotted on the island in the past, we have a special team to deal with them. They have kept on top of it since the launch of the park, and we do not anticipate celliens interfering with anyone's trip or becoming a problem any time soon.

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